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About Me


Hi, I'm Nicole (she/her)! I also go by Niki!

I started Rainbow Rose Doula Services in the fall of 2022 after completing my Birth and Postpartum certifications through Cornerstone Doula Trainings. This certifying body spoke to me because their trainings are based in trauma-informed care,  LGBTQ+ inclusive language and care, and have a strong focus on perinatal mental health! All of which are very important to me.


Prior to becoming a doula, I had a strong background in childcare; my first job in high school was working at an in-home daycare! I have also always been drawn towards a more holistic side of medicine, and life. I even created my own bachelor's degree in college, titled Holistic Health and Herbalism, where I got to explore a medley of alternative medicine practices! But I still was unsure in what capacity I wanted to serve people. After college, I taught yoga for senior citizens, and I dabbled as an administrative assistant in acupuncture and chiropractic offices. Then I found my way back to childcare.

I worked as a professional nanny, caring for children of all ages, managing households, and helping families transition through challenging times with compassionate support. I was certain of my passion for providing support and stability during these monumental life moments.


I then began learning about the medicalized birthing system in our country, seeing the lack of information and personalized care provided to birthing people, and the general obstacles that postpartum healing brings! That's not even to mention the challenges of figuring out how to care for a newborn!


Furthermore, many people today often don't have family or a strong support system nearby to be the village that newborn babies and parents need. Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum are some of the most vulnerable and expansive times in a person's life. And I am here to make those times  a bit more comfortable for you!

Why Rainbow Rose?

There are many layers to this answer:

My middle name is Rose, and a rose has always been a meaningful symbol in my life. I even have a rose tattooed on my ankle!

A rose can also be a nod to the vulva, or an embodiment of general femininity. Can you see the vulva inside our logo?

I chose "rainbow" for a few reasons. I, myself, was/am a rainbow baby, a baby born after infant loss. Rainbows can represent the passing of a storm, or the light at the end of a tunnel. Birth and Postpartum can be tough. I aim to be that rainbow for you after the rain; something that brings you ease and happiness during challenging times.

A rainbow also exemplifies inclusivity, something that is very important to me!


Other fun facts about me:

When not working, you may find me taking aerial arts classes, catching some sunshine on a walk, or cuddling with my rescue pup!

I have always been fascinated by babies and pregnancy. Here's me as a kid hugging my mom's pregnant belly!


I love to ski and hike--my husband and I even eloped on top of Mount Willard in the NH White Mountains.

Other Certifications and Courses

  • CPR/AED Certified infant through adult

  • Gender Affirming Birth Work 101 with Moss Froom

  • Abortion Support Skills Training Webinar

  • Childbirth Educator in Training with Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings

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