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Other Support Services

Baby Registry Help

Unsure of where to even being with your baby registry? Which items are actually necessary? Is that expensive stroller or bassinet really worth getting? Don't forget to plan for yourself as well!

Setting up your baby registry can be surprisingly stressful! I am here to help give some guidance!

Nursery Organization

Do you have a pile of registry items laying around, and have not yet figured out a way to store it all? 

Not sure how to fit all the diapers and onesies in the changing table?

I am here to help get  baby's nursery organized and prepared, so you can feel comfortable bringing baby home!

Sibling Support

Adding another baby to your family and worried about how you'll get 1:1 time with your older kiddos to meet their needs?

I am here to be an extra set of hands to hold baby while you spend some time bonding with big sibling(s). Or let me entertain the kids for a bit while you relax with baby!

I can help ease the transition to big-sibling-dom, because we know it's not always a smooth one.

Excursion Support

Having worries about taking baby out and about? Going places is a lot different with a baby in tow!

I'd love to accompany you on a local excursion!

I can be an extra set of hands and provide helpful suggestions in order to get you comfortable and confident taking baby out!


All additional services listed above can be added on to birth or postpartum packages, or purchased individually.

Please reach out regarding individual pricing.

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