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Postpartum Services

Postpartum doulas provide many services that are beneficial for new parents & families! 

Our overarching role is to provide support, encouragement & comfort to both the parent(s) and new baby/babies.

Rainbow Rose Doula Services offers daytime, evening, and overnight care. 

Check out what else we can do for you!

Emotional, Physical,& Educational Support

I am here to support you in your recovery from birth by making sure you are nourished & hydrated, allowing you to rest & stay in bed (if you want), chatting with you & answering your questions, and so much more! Let me be your listening ear!

My goal is to ensure you feel as confident and as best prepared as you can be to care for baby!

Feeding Support

Whether you are planning to breast/chest-feed, pump, formula-feed, or a combination, I am here to support you & baby on your feeding journey!

Not sure what feeding strategy you want to use? That's ok too! Let's explore your options together! 

Newborn Care

Baby's don't come with an instruction manual! But I am here to be the next best thing! 

I can assist with bathing, diapering, soothing & communication, as well as establishing safe sleep habits.

Have specific questions or concerns? Let's chat about it!

Meal Preparation

Does figuring out what to eat stress you out? Cooking not really your thing? Nutrition is so important in postpartum healing and recovery. Let me cook some nutritious, delicious and filling food for you while you rest and bond with your baby! 

On-call Advice &
Local Resources

Have an urgent question? As a client, you will have access to your doula even when they are not in your home! Call or text any time with questions or concerns and I will respond ASAP (guaranteed response within same day).

You will also be provided with recommendations to local, vetted perinatal professionals, if that's something you're interested in, or in need of!

Light Housework

Your doula can assist with tasks around the house while you rest and bond with your baby!

I can help with bottle cleaning & sanitizing, dishes, washing & folding laundry, pickup around the home, as well as taking care of local errands and grocery shopping!

Available Packages

  • All packages include a 1-hour prenatal visit (in person or virtual) to discuss a postpartum plan

  • All clients will have access to virtual support 24/7 throughout the duration of the contract

  • Postpartum Support sessions are split into 4-hour shifts

  • Tasks accomplished during shifts vary day-to-day, but can include any of the above, based on client's wants and needs


Rainbow Rose Doula Services believes postpartum goes well beyond "the fourth trimester", so all of our packages are available to use throughout the first year of baby's life!

Rainbow Rose Signature Package

24hrs of care 

Split into 6 sessions

Total investment of $840



Double Rainbow Package

48hrs of care

Split into 12 sessions

Total investment of $1,680


Pot of Gold Package

72hrs of care

Split into 18 sessions

Total investment of $2,520

Each session with your doula will include:

  • A check-in about how things are going

  • Creating a customized plan of action for the day’s session (what do you want accomplished today?)

  • Chatting about any additional support or resources that might be beneficial for parent(s)/baby

If you wish to purchase hourly support, or purchase additional support hours after a package has completed, our “A la carte” rate is $40/hr for daytime care.

Payment plans and sliding scale options available; please ask.

Overnight Care

Nighttime with newborns can be rough! A good night's sleep allows us to be our best selves and parent to the best of our ability.


Our overnight services provide new parents with a solid 8-hours of sleep, while baby is thoughtfully cared for in your home. 

I currently offer overnight care on a limited-basis.

Please reach out to inquire about overnight availability & prices.

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