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Rainbow Rose Doula Services

Providing thoughtful support for birthing and postpartum people

About Me

Hi! Welcome to Rainbow Rose Doula Services!

I'm Nicole (she/her), a certified Birth and Postpartum Doula based out of Southern NH.

I believe every birthing and postpartum person should have access to respectful, trauma-informed care and evidence-based information. 

Pregnancy and babies do not come with an instruction manual! I am here to help!

I am here to be your listening ear; to encourage you through the challenges and cheer you on through the triumphs; and to let you know that yes, baby's poop looks normal. 

Want to hear more about how I can help?



Birth Support

Do you want a more empowered and informed birth experience?  Looking to improve your overall satisfaction with your pregnancy and birth? 

Check out my Birth Doula Services!

Postpartum Support

Looking for compassionate physical and emotional support during your postpartum recovery? Do you want to relax and bond with your newborn while also being cared for during your time of healing?

Check out what else a Postpartum Doula can do for you!

Other Support

Does organizing baby's nursery make you cringe?

Are you nervous about taking baby out for the first time?

Do you have an older kiddo that could use some support during their transition to big-sibling-dom?

Find out about the other services I offer!

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